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Junk Removal Santa Barbara


Need to get rid of junk? We’re here for you! Let’s remove whatever clutter on your property. We have experts and had a lot of experience removing junk, serving Santa Barbara for many years.


We are the junk removal experts in Santa Barbara, CA. We will help you get rid of all that clutter from your property and we do it safely and efficiently. Our team is well experienced with junk removal, so don’t worry about a thing. We sweep up after every job as well, so any mess left behind is gone for good! Contact us today for more information on our service or to schedule an appointment.

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santa barbara carpet removal
santa barbara furniture removal

Carpet Removal

Whenever you want to remove your carpet, let us be the ones you call. We know how to handle it with care and have no accidents on any other pieces of property.

We know how exciting it is to get a new carpet, that’s why make sure to get rid of the old one as quickly as possible. Our team is well experienced and will handle the removal smoothly.

Furniture Removal

With our experienced furniture removal experts, hauling all your old or broken furniture is hassle-free. Regardless of whether it’s in storage or taking up space, you need other items, we’re here to help tackle the job.

We can also remove anything in the way of your exit that’s not wanted. These items can pose hazards, especially in emergency situations. Your house will be clutter-free once again with just one call to our company.

santa barbara appliance removal
junk removal services santa barbara

Appliance Removal

We have specialized services for removing any appliances from your home, even big ones like dishwashers, refrigerators, or ovens. Our staff will take care of the heavy lifting and get it out of your hair for good.

Some materials that we remove may have hazardous properties. This is the reason why we dispose of these objects in an environmentally conscious way after removing them from your property. We also send all appliances that are worth salvaging for recycling or donation.

Property Cleanup

If you need to get rid of items from your property and clean up every item cluttering around, we can help. We have everything needed to ensure you have a clean space after the service. No need to think about how to dispose of large items or electronics, we will take care of everything.

We offer state of the art junk removal service in Santa Barbara, Ca. We specialize in clutter cleanup and have everything you need to ensure a spotless property. Our team will sweep up after the job and donate or recycle any items we can.

santa barbara appliance removal

Mattress Removal

Our mattress removal is a great service that relieves the hectic feeling of carrying your old mattress all by yourself. It can be an inconvenience and you need to measure the height for each door frame as well as maneuver around tight corners, which becomes even more difficult with age. Our team will do this work for you! We have safe dependable equipment to get your old mattress out from behind closed doors and haul it away.

Hot Tub/Spa Removal

If you have an old hot tub or jacuzzi that needs removal, don’t worry we can take care of it for you. We will take care of hauling it away and make sure the area is clear of debris.

We will handle everything. From light demolition to hauling, and cleaning up. We don’t leave any waste behind either. We generate reports after every job so you can be certain that your area is safe.

santa barbara construction debris removal
santa barbara yard debris removal

Construction Waste Removal

With help from our junk removal team, your construction site will be clean and ready to go for use in no time. We work with a lot of different contractors: commercial, residential projects, you name it! Our team hauls away all types of junk, including debris from home renovations or big construction sites.

We serve construction sites, businesses, and more. Partnering with us ensures you have a clean property without all the clutter slowing down your progress. Let’s make it easier for you by taking care of any trash we find. We’re experienced in the industry and we have great eco-friendly practices.

Yard Debris Removal

Is your entire front and back yard full of tree trimmings, brush, or piles of leaves? If so, you’re not alone. These issues can easily lead to dangerous trip hazards and make disposing of these items very difficult.

The good news is we have a team who can help you eliminate this junk. Many people do not realize that when they pile up leaves or tree trimmings,  they may potentially be very dangerous and present hazards if mixed with your normal garbage.

When you need junk hauling in Santa Barbara and surrounding areas, we are the junk removal company you can count on.

We provide top quality service with competitive rates so you don’t have to choose between the two.

Give us a call today and find out how easy it is to have your junk gone forever.